Credit card chargebacks and PayPal disputes.

We can proactively refund. If there is any credit card chargeback, we will permanently ban the user. All your information will be on our blacklist.

Are you legit? How can I trust you?

We are 100% legit. Your privacy and order process are well-protected!

We promise that we will protect your buyer’s rights. And through the use of credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods, you will also have the protection of consumer rights provided by the corresponding payment platform.

For questions about product reviews, we welcome any customers to leave comments (after the order is completed and items are signed) and also release some real chat screenshots (private information is processed) from time to time to convince new customers that we want to establish a good reputation.

If you still have other concerns and concerns, please contact us via WhatsApp or email, and we will do our best to answer them. But if you refuse to provide preliminary trust, we also fully understand and regret the failure to continue the transaction with you.

Why my credit card bill currency is CNY?

Our credit card gateway agency is located in China, and the bill you receive is in Yuan/RMB/CNY ¥. Please do not mistakenly believe that your credit card has caused an unauthorized transaction.

Why does it charge my credit card more than the actual order amount?

Because the credit card payment gateway will charge an additional fee of 5%-10%.


Check the payment page.

Full Process

Shipping methods

We offer EMS, DHL Express and other shipping methods for most regions in the world to ensure delivery.

In Europe, we use special routes to transport packages to the destination country and then use local delivery services. The advantage of this is that customers can avoid tariffs. And transportation time remains the same. Countries currently covered: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.

In addition, FYI, we will consider the customs clearance relationship between logistics service providers and customs. If other logistics service providers are easier to clear customs, we may use other logistics service providers. Delivery time may change due to this.

Please note that if the tracking number shows that it has been signed, but the customer reports that the package has not been received, we will not be responsible for it without evidence. Customers should claim compensation from the logistics provider.

Order tracking: https://hypeunique.to/order-tracking/

Shipment tracking: https://hypeunique.to/ts-shipment-tracking/

What is customs insurance in the shipping option?

There is a possibility of the package be destroyed by customs, if you purchased the customs insurance, once it happens we will reship without any additional fee. Otherwise, you have to pay half the order amount to get re-ship. Also in that case, if you want a refund, we can only refund half the price amount of the order.

We charge 7% of the order price amount, min as 10$.

What to Do If You Don’t Receive Your Package

The Reason for Not Receiving the Package and What to Do

Duties & Taxes

All international duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not included at checkout.


The sneakers are only MEN size and EU size whether they are GS shoes or MEN ones

If the US or UK size is different from the shoes of yours, based on EU size.

If you are not sure, simply check EU size which is standard sizing.

Track items

We’ll send the tracking number by Email or WhatsApp which depends on which method you contact. It may take 3-5 days until we get the tracking number from delivering agencies.

Order process

All orders of available items are processed in 1-3 business days.

The status of orders with Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram will be turned to ‘processing’ manually when payment is verified. Orders with Credit Card will be turned to ‘completed’ automatically if the payment success.

Customs insurance

Customs insurance 7% per Order. Min as 10$.

With this insurance paid, we will resend this item only once for free if your products are confiscated or destroyed by Customs. Without customs insurance, Customs issues are at your sole risk.

Delivery time

Attention: shipping time and tracking update could be slow with the coronavirus epidemic.

No guaranteed delivery estimate!!!

DHL may take about 8-25 days or longer(Due to COVID). The average delivery time with DHL is 8-13 days since June, 2020.

EMS may take about 18-45 days or longer.


Pre-order items are shipped upon the arrival of the products in the warehouse.

In case the merchandise in pre-order delays in delivery, customers can exchange the pre-orderable items for the items of the same value or a little higher price or request for refund.

Based Location

Locate in China, ship from Hong Kong.


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